Ice Cream Cafe

Menu June 30, 2010

Breakfast Specials
served from 8am-noon
Morning Biscuit: homestyle biscuit with sauteed spinach, smokey tempeh, and  cranberry chutney $3.25
Pancakes        1) 1.50       2) 2.50       3) 3.50
Coconut French Toast          1) 1.75        2) 2.75      3) 3.75
Crepes with choice of fruit, nutella, or veggies
The Benny: homestyle biscuit with mushrooms, spinach, and avocado with vegan hollandaise sauce
The June : homestyle biscuit slathered with homemade jam and topped with fresh, seasonal fruit

Lunch Specials
served from 11am-close
Burgers & Sandwiches:
Grain Burger
Veggie Burger
Vegan “Tuna” Sandwich
Garden Wrap

Brown Rice Salad
Mixed Bean Salad
add ultimate greens for $2.00
Spinach Salad
Ultmate Greens Salad (kale, spinach, collards, and lettuce)

Soup du Jour

Baked Fresh
served all day
Baguette $2.25
Italian  $3.50
Brioche  $4.50
Focaccia $5.25
Olive Bread $4.50
Challah $4.50
Cinnamon Bun $2.99
Biscotti $.75
Scones $1.50
Muffins $1.25
Cookies $.50
Whoopie Pie $3.25
Cupcake  $2.99
Cake of the day $3.99 per slice add ice cream for $1
Pie of the day $3.99 per slice add ice cream for $1
Tarts $3.25 add ice cream for $1
Madeleine $1.00

Ice Cream
Triple Chocolate Grandma Ruth’s Banana Bread Matcha Mint Chocolate Chip English Breakfast Caramel Mocha Latte Carrot Cake Lemon-Olive Oil Sorbet Key Lime Pie Sorbet Cranberry Sorbet
Come in to see our seasonal flavors!


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